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  • June 26, 2011 4:46 pm

    A Closer look at First Baseman Ryon Healy

    Ryon Healy hails from a town called West Hills in southern California. During his first year at Oregon he hit .320 with 39 hits, 4 home runs and 20 RBI. Ryon took the time before practice to sit down with Living the Dream’s Evan Barber.

    Living the Dream: Ryon I know you’re from southern Cal, I mean its getting nice now but you’ve got to be missing that weather right now.

    Ryon Healy: Well I haven’t really been seeing that weather in about a year now I’ve been in Eugene Oregon so nothing but rain and clouds there so you get used to it and enjoy the sun when it comes.

    LTD: Speaking of Oregon how did you end up there?

    RH: Probably coaching staff and the facilitys are second to none and the coaches were very honest and good to talk to. It was very comforting and that’s something you look for in a coaching staff especially since its someone you’ll be playing for over the next 3-4 years.

    LTD: Did you enjoy it there?

    RH: Yeah very much so.

    LTD: Pretty awesome year football wise, what was that like as a student?

    RH: It was very exciting to be able to enjoy the atmosphere and enjoy some of the other athletic programs and their success and stuff you definitely feel a different atmosphere up there when everyones winning.

    LTD: Take me through your baseball career to date and what you’ve done starting as a kid and now getting here to the cape.

    RH: All started probably Mentura County on the beaches with my father playing whiffle ball with him and stuff like that. Then I got into rec leagues when I was four and a half, I played West Hills baseball till I was fourteen there. Then I went and played high school ball, I played at Crespi Carmelite for four years and then went off to Oregon.

    LTD: So you’ve kind of been struggling here a little, but we’ve seen you hit the ball so hard almost everytime kinda can’t catch a break, how are you adjusting to that?

    RH: That’s kinda just baseball I mean kinda just want to put a good swing on every pitch you can, hope you get good pitches to hit. If you hit the ball solid, you can’t really control where it goes sometimes, you want to put a good swing on it and hit it hard and eventually it will start falling. I’ve had a few bloop hits here and there and a couple line outs, so I think in the end they all kinda even out.

    LTD: We’ve seen you a little bit emotional especially when you don’t get on base, what do you attribute that to?

    RH: I try, a lot, and I would say that my emotions get the best of me sometimes but I think I use my emotions really well sometimes so I kinda need to counteract that with my athletic ability and my emotions at the same time on the baseball field.

    LTD: One thing we saw out of you one game so far was pitching is that something we’ll see a little more out of you?

    RH: We’ll see, probably not, more first base and third base.

    LTD: What kind of goals do you set for yourself coming to the cape?

    RH: Well you don’t really look at it numbers wise you want to be able to separate yourself from the talent here. Everyone here is very talented you want to create separation from everyone and you know stand out in some sort of way to the scouts and make your name known.

    LTD: What is your favorite part of being in the cape?

    RH: The atmosphere, I love the atmosphere its a very different setting and living with a host family is awesome I’m set up very nice over there very comfortable, all the guys a different culture you get to deal with from all different schools.

    Healy and the rest of the Kettleers look to end a 5 game losing skid tonight against the Harwich Mariners, at 5:00 at Lowell Park.